Python Project Setup

My Workflow for Python Projects

Today I have prepared the workflow for my Python projects.

  • Win+R in the run box wt.exe to run terminal

  • Use cd command to navigate to the directory where you want your project directory to be placed

  • type mkdir your_project_name to create project folder

  • type python -m venv .venv to create virtual environment using “venv” module or

  • type conda create -n your_project_name python=3.x to create a new environment using "conda" your_project_name.

  • type .venv\\Scripts\\activate on Windows or source .env/bin/activate on macOS/Linux. or conda activate your_project_name

  • type type nul> to create a new file for writing script

  • type git init to initialize a Git repository within your project directory.

  • type git add or git add *

  • type git commit -m "Initial commit" to commit the staged changes to the Git repository with a descriptive message.

  • Open the VS Code terminal or navigate back to the project directory in your terminal

  • type in vs code terminalpip install -r requirements.txt to install any required packages listed in a requirements.txt file within your project.

  • type git push origin main to push your local changes to the remote repository

  • type git pull origin main to pull any changes from the remote repository

  • after finishing work in your project, install pyinstaller pip install pyinstalller

  • type pip freeze > requirements.txt to create requirements file

  • type pyinstaller to convert your script as exe if you want

  • type deactivate to deactivate the virtual environment.