Son Guide, AI as Mentor

A 57-Year-Old's Journey to Software Developer

Son Guide, AI as Mentor

At 57, I'm not letting a late start or a lack of formal education hold me back. I'm charging full steam ahead on my journey to becoming a software developer! With fire in my heart and a thirst for knowledge, I'm proving age is irrelevant when it comes to chasing your dreams. Fortunately, I have access to invaluable guidance from my son, Ashik Nesin, a respected principal software engineer at Chargebee. Additionally, I leverage the power of AI chatbots to supplement my learning and gain further insights. This unique blend of human and technological resources provides me with a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

With a structured approach and a commitment to mastering the intricacies of programming, I am immersing myself in this fulfilling and ever-evolving realm. By integrating my accumulated knowledge and life experiences, I am confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions to the software development community.

I am in the middle of a 10-week study plan for full-stack development that I prepared with the help of Bard. I am pleased to share that below. And I hope you may benefit in some way. Yesterday, my son recommended a tutorial by David J. Malan. I earlier chanced upon a tutorial on Python by Dr. Chuck. I find them both interesting and useful. Give them a try.

Tutorial by David J. Malan:

Tutorial on Python by Dr. Chuck:

10-Week Study Plan: Full-Stack Development

This comprehensive 10-week study plan is designed to equip individuals with limited coding knowledge with the necessary skills and expertise to become proficient full-stack developers. Through a structured learning approach and dedicated self-study, you will gain a deep understanding of relevant programming languages, technologies, and best practices.

Study Plan Objectives:

  • Gain a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development.

  • Master a popular front-end framework (e.g., React or Angular) for building dynamic web experiences.

  • Develop proficiency in a server-side programming language (e.g., Python or Node.js) for back-end functionality.

  • Learn to design and implement efficient databases for data storage and management.

  • Develop expertise in API development for seamless front-end and back-end integration.

  • Master deployment techniques for publishing web applications to live servers.

  • Build a portfolio of full-stack projects showcasing your acquired skills and knowledge.

Study Plan Structure:

This study plan is divided into four key modules, each focusing on a specific area of full-stack development:

Module 1: Front-End Development Essentials (Weeks 1-2)

Module 2: Front-End Framework Mastery (Weeks 3-4)

Module 3: Back-End Development Fundamentals (Weeks 5-6)

Module 4: Full-Stack Integration & Deployment (Weeks 7-8)

Project-Based Learning (Weeks 9-10):

  • You will apply your acquired skills to build real-world full-stack projects.

  • Projects will be hosted on GitHub and showcased as part of your individual portfolios.

Additional Learning Resources: