WhatsApp Automation.

with simple Python scripts


Automating the process of sending WhatsApp messages to multiple people not in your contact list can simplify what is otherwise a tedious task. This project is designed to facilitate communication and save time for those who often send messages to non-contacts on WhatsApp. Simply input the mobile numbers into the contacts.txt file and execute the necessary script to send messages, with the option to schedule them as well.

For these scripts to function, you must have a WhatsApp account and be logged into your browser, as this utilizes WhatsApp Web.


  1. Sending text messages

  2. Sending text messages with pictures

  3. Sending messages to groups

  4. Can schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time.


  1. Clone the repository: https://github.com/emeeran/whatsApp_automation_Python.git

  2. Navigate to the project directory and activate the virtual environment.

  3. pip install pywhatkit

  4. pip install pywin32`


pywhatkit: PyPI https://pypi.org/project/pywhatkit (bing.com)

pywin32: pywin32 · PyPI (bing.com)