Essential git CLI commands

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Essential git CLI commands

Here is what I compiled for my workflow.

Frequently used commands:

  • git init # initializes.

  • git add . # adds all files

  • git add <file 1> <filel 2> # adds individual file.

  • git commit -m "descriptive message." # commits

  • git branch <branch name> # creates a new branch

  • git checkout <branch name> # checkouts to a branch

  • git branch -n <branch name> # creates new branch and checkouts

  • git merge <branch_name> # checkout to the main branch, then merge

  • git checkout main/master && git merge <current branch> # merging from being in the branch to be merged.

  • git pull origin <branch_name> # pull

  • git push origin <branch_name> # push to web repository.

  • git branch -d <branch_name> # removing a branch.

  • git status # check status.

  • ``git remote set-url` # To rename your local Git repository to match the name of the remote repository,

  • git rm --cached .env # If the .env file was already tracked by Git before, you’ll need to remove it from the index, and do the following:

    • git add .gitignore git commit -m "Add .env to .gitignore" git push
  • git branch # to see local branches.

  • git fetch # before listing remote branch, run this.

  • git branch -r # to see all remote branches.

  • git branch -a # to see both.

  • git branch -vv # to see both in detail or.

  • git branch -vva # to see both in detail.

  • git checkout - # to checkout last branch.

  • git branch -m <new name> # to rename current branch

  • git branch -m old-branch-name new-branch-name # to rename a branch.

  • git push origin -u new-branch-name # push the new branch to remote