Python Project Boilerplate.

Python Project Boilerplate.

A smart way to start a project.


The Python project boilerplate is designed to streamline the setup process by automating the creation of essential directories and files, such as 'src' and 'tests', as well as '' and '.gitignore'. By adhering to best practices, it not only saves developers time but also promotes consistency across projects with standardized structures and formats. Consequently, developers can focus more on coding rather than on the initial project configuration.

Developers can swiftly begin work on their projects without configuring project structures, enabling smooth project initiation. This approach saves time by establishing a clean and organized project structure from the outset, fostering improved project management practices. The tool is designed to boost developer efficiency and productivity by automating project setup, minimizing manual tasks, and encouraging standardized project configurations.


  • creates the basic project structure while adhering to best practices.

  • creates a file with a content template.

  • Create a .gitignore file with the content required for a Python project.

  • Creates a virtual environment.

  • Updates PIP and installs Flake8, pre-commits

  • executes commands git init, git add ., git commit -m "First Commit".


  1. Clone the repository:

  2. Install dependencies:pip install -r Requirements.txt.